Movement Europe Now! – Mission and vision

Our mission is the affirmation of politics as the skill of joint institutionalized action whose purpose is the achievement of goals for the common good and whose practice, through participation in public life, is based on virtue, knowledge, honest work and empathy. By cultivating such a political style, we want to contribute to the strengthening of awareness of personal responsibility and commitment, but also to improve the appreciation of diversity, the achievement of social cohesion through rational and argumentative dialogue, and to create a socio-political climate in which every citizen will feel the need and opportunity to actively and more directly participates in decision-making of public importance.

By implementing our mission, we will work to achieve the vision of Montenegro as a sovereign, stable, safe, economically strong state, based on the rule of law, which is a full member of the European Union. This Montenegro would be based on a quality education and health system, professional and depoliticized public administration, sustainable public finances and universal humanistic and environmental principles.

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