The goal of our health policy is free, high-quality, accessible and comprehensive health care for citizens, while preserving and improving the health of the entire population based on the experiences of developed health systems in the world. Europe Now is an advocate for the citizen as a user of health services to be placed at the center of the health system, because every person has the right to health. The health care system should be efficiently organized at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels, with the greatest degree of integration and preservation of its financial and institutional sustainability. Europe Now puts a special emphasis on the decentralization of the system in the form of modernization of existing as well as the construction of new health facilities in the northern, central and southern regions of the country, while motivating the medical staff to stay in the country. We believe that it is necessary to revise and, where possible, expand the basic set of health services that should be equally accessible to all citizens especially taking into account sensitive groups of the population such as women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, preschool and school children, students, elderly people and oncology patients. We attach special importance to measures to increase the birth rate through the improvement of the standard of living, complete and high-quality perinatal and neonatal health care, additional support for exercising the right to use methods from the field of assisted reproductive technologies, and social support programs for single parents and vulnerable families, as well as children’s social protection programs. Europe Now believes that the backbone of the strategy to fight against diseases that have greater socio-economic consequences, such as malignant, mental, infectious diseases or addictive diseases, should be represented by clearly conceived public health programs of prevention, early detection and psychological support for these vulnerable categories. We give priority to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, which should be implemented through well-designed campaigns supported by health authorities and reputable media personalities, providing better opportunities for engaging in sports activities as an integral part of educational curricula, work on improving the environment, as well as encouraging and training young people to take care of their own health. In order to improve the quality of the services of health institutions, we advocate further improvement of the financial and social status of employees, their continuous education by organizing regular professional meetings, sending doctors and other medical staff to training in reference clinics for specific procedures, in order to expand the range of health services, as well as by determining special financial resources intended for doctors pursuing specializations to participate in accredited advanced courses and meetings.

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