The geographical location, as well as the cultural and spiritual course of history determined Montenegro as a meeting point of different civilizations and a hub for the intertwining of ideas and values. Learning from the past, confirming the present, and thinking about the future, Montenegro must become strongly and truly committed to full membership in the European Union as soon as possible, which must not be seen as a final goal, but as an opportunity to join the family of peoples and states united in diversities, which inherit ideas and values on the ​​basis of which society becomes freer, richer, more stable, more just and more inclusive, erasing the boundaries of old antagonisms and divisions.

Guided by the principles of cooperation and mutual respect, the Europe Now Movement is also advocate for the strengthening of good neighborly and regional relations through the active promotion of regional cooperation and a clearly defined policy of zero problems with neighbors, respecting its national interests, but also recognizing numerous economic, historical and cultural relations with neighboring countries and countries in the region.

Acknowledging the fact that Montenegro is a member of NATO, the Europe Now Movement will work on strengthening the credible role of our country in the North Atlantic Alliance.

Europe Now also advocates a strong presence of Montenegro in international organizations and multilateral initiatives. Believing that the geographical or demographic size of the country does not determine its role in international affairs, but rather the strength of ideas and diplomatic skills, Europe Now will be the initiator of the intensification of Montenegro’s activities in the United Nations, and thus take a more active role in achieving the principles and objectives proclaimed by the Charter of the United Nations, with a special emphasis on preserving international peace, security and prosperity.

In this regard, Europe Now advocates professionalization of the diplomatic staff of Montenegro and for the strengthening of cultural, scientific and economic diplomacy, with the aim of increasing credibility and representativeness, taking into account the eradication of political and party influence on its functioning.

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