The key priorities of the Europe Now Movement are the complete and consistent protection of citizens’ freedoms and rights, the creation of legal certainty and respect for the legality and impartiality of the work of state authorities. In the field of human rights, the Europe Now Movement stands for the consistent application of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Montenegro, but also by international treaties and conventions, in the sense of promoting individual and collective rights and freedoms and eradicating any form of discrimination based on any personal characteristic or opinion. We are committed to a country where everyone lives freely and equally, through respect for different identities, while encouraging their nurturing and manifestation, with special attention to vulnerable groups. We are convinced that the principle of secularism is the best model of the modern arrangement of relations between the state and religious communities, in terms of their separation and mutual respect, and adequate cooperation in areas important to society. We will stand for respect for diversity, preservation of human rights and freedoms and in this way, with joint efforts, build a stronger and better civil Montenegro, as a stable community united in its diversities.

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