The Europe Now Movement firmly believes that an enlightened individual is a pledge of the permanent prosperity of the entire society and knowledge is a fundamental component of overcoming socio-economic inequalities, and will therefore pay special attention to the education system of Montenegro. We will advocate improvement of the quality and increasing the availability of preschool institutions, both in the domain of infrastructure and in the domain of educational staff, in order to provide parents with unhindered working conditions, and children with adequate care, balanced with education and empathy. In the field of primary and secondary education, we will advocate a thoughtful and balanced approach to organizational and curriculum reforms, with an analytical view of current shortcomings, student needs and global trends. We will fight against the bureaucratization of education and implement measures that will affirm the professionalization, autonomy and transparency of educational institutions. We will support the improvement of the teaching staff, with constant concern for the economic and social position of educators, which will restore dignity to the education system and motivate the best young people to opt for this vocation. In addition to emphasizing the learning and role of the English language, we will advocate the introduction of a third foreign language in primary schools, so that from an early age children develop not only culture, but also international competitiveness, and we will also advocate better access to extracurricular activities within the school curriculum. Europe Now especially recognizes the fundamental socio-political role of higher education in the formation of future generations, who will bear the greatest responsibility for the further development of Montenegro. Therefore, we will advocate the essential autonomization of the state university, and its more intensive internationalization. We will work on the further integration of the University into the European Higher Education Area while insisting on better application of the Bologna Declaration and harmonizing the content of study programs with the needs of modern man, which besides the acquisition of practical skills, also include the formation of free individuals, ready to critically perceive reality and interact with the world. We will pay special attention to the improvement of the teaching and scientific staff, through the improvement of their economic status, the greater involvement of young scientists in the teaching process and insisting on clear qualitative criteria for employment.

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