Europe Now sees fundamental starting points in the program’s relation to culture in the intercultural character of Montenegro, and its civilizational and religious pluralism, which implies the belonging of our country to the Mediterranean cultural circle, and consequently to the wider European cultural space. Europe Now will advocate a new and broader concept of understanding culture – culture as a way of life. This will include the integrative and participatory dimension of culture and cultural creativity, and the promotion of customs and characteristics of local communities. Culture must also be treated as one of the conditions of sustainable development; among other things, as a strategic goal in the development of sustainable tourism, within which cultural tourism, based on our rich cultural heritage, occupies a special place. The principles that will guide the Europe Now Movement in defining cultural policies will include: freedom of creativity and respect for the right to culture, equal preservation of all cultural identities and respect for cultural diversity, transparent work of public cultural institutions, respect for copyright, democratization of cultural policy, promotion of cultural industries, and affirmation of an autonomous cultural scene. Our cultural policy goals include: 1) establishment of a modern system of comprehensive protection, management and sustainable use of cultural heritage and areas, including its presentation and tourism valorization; 2) strengthening the capacity of cultural institutions at all levels and establishing a sustainable financing system, by encouraging autonomy in work; 3) development of a modern, efficient system of creation and presentation of cultural activity as well as the status of artists and creators in society, and expansion and education of the audience through targeted projects and networking with EU projects, including artists from other European countries; 4) strengthening of informal, alternative, contemporary cultural practices with a special focus on youth culture; 5) promoting the cultural industry; as well as encouraging cultural diversity through strengthening the cultural activities of marginalized groups.

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