Montenegro is a small, open and import-dependent economy, which is characterized by weak economic diversification. It is economic diversification that is imperative for the further development of Montenegro. That is why the focus of Europe Now will be, among other things, on: i) the development of the ICT sector, which in previous years has shown resistance to crises and rapid growth, and especially in the positioning of Montenegro as a recognizable destination for the development of blockchain technology; ii) energy, with the aim of increasing “green” production capacities, improving energy efficiency and better infrastructural connections between Montenegro and surrounding countries, iii) agriculture, through a significant increase in subsidies and allocations in the agro-budget, and its better connection with the tourism sector, iv ) processing industry and crafts, especially in those branches in which there is a comparative advantage, such as wood processing, and v) further diversification of the tourism sector. We will work on the affirmation of Montenegro as the best investment destination, while constantly improving our competitiveness and business environment, emphasizing the promotion of specific investment projects, and models of state cooperation, within the framework of “Montenegro Land”, as well as investors through public-private partnerships, in order to attract credible investors who are able to create new value and transfer the knowledge needed on the path of sustainable economic development. We will work on positioning Montenegro as an attractive destination for “digital nomads” and IT companies from all over the world. A special focus will be placed on the development of entrepreneurship and innovation as a horizontal prerequisite for economic development based on knowledge. Europe Now will advocate a further reduction of the tax burden (in the form of fiscal and parafiscal), improving access to loans for small and medium-sized enterprises, among other things through the establishment of the Credit Guarantee Fund and the transformation of the Investment and Development Fund into a Development Bank, and stronger support for innovative companies, among other things, through the further strengthening of the Innovation Fund as the main implementer of the support program for innovative business solutions, constantly listening to the needs of the economy, with the aim of sustainable and dynamic economic development. The political integration of Montenegro with the EU must be accompanied more strongly by its economic integration into the structures of the European (and world) economy. Europe Now will therefore strongly advocate the accelerated construction of traffic infrastructure, as well as the improvement of so-called soft connectivity platforms. The completion of the Bar-Boljare motorway, as the traffic backbone of our economy, will open up additional space for the development of the north and will be a powerful lever for additional valorization of the Port of Bar by bringing it closer to the markets of the Western Balkans and Central Europe; the construction of the Adriatic-Ionian motorway will make our economy better integrated with the Mediterranean coast, Western Europe and Turkey; capacity expansion and modernization of airports, which in their current state represent a bottleneck for the further development of our tourism, will enable better traffic accessibility and improve overall economic activity. Europe Now will work on the best possible use of EU pre-accession funds, with the aim of financing important reform initiatives and infrastructure projects, from supporting public administration reforms and state enterprises, strengthening the rule of law and the market economy, to investing in environmental protection and construction of traffic and utility infrastructure.

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