Europe Now stands for the further affirmation of Montenegro, as the first constitutionally declared ecological state in the world, dedicatedly working on the actual application of ecological principles. Such an attitude towards the environment is even more important today, considering global climate change and the collapse of ecosystems. Throughout history, Montenegro has survived thanks to the symbiosis between people and nature, the rational use of natural resources and the awareness that natural potentials are not inexhaustible and that they should be valorized in such a way that they will benefit future generations. Unfortunately, during the transition period, there was a general shortage of economic and then natural resources, which threatened the sustainability of significant systems and ecosystems. We believe that Montenegro must depart from the current practice of taking natural resources lightly and their uncritical exploitation. Therefore, we will advocate respect for the highest environmental standards, as well as full transparency of all activities that leave a mark on the environment. We will stop illegal construction in protected areas, and insist on respecting the natural environment during any construction. We will protect the Tara River as a UNESCO heritage more consistently, and we will try to repair all the damage caused to it during the construction of the highway. Europe Now stands for adequate waste and wastewater management. We will develop a system of recycling and production of electricity from waste, according to the highest international standards. With an adequate policy, we will work to preserve biodiversity, protect water resources and enrich the forest potential of Montenegro. We will advocate the area protection, as one of the most important resources in the country, and prevent its further devastation caused by unplanned construction. When making decisions on issues related to the environment, we will be guided by the Aarhus Convention and, through public hearings, conduct direct consultations with citizens and the professional public, with the aim of achieving the highest quality solutions. We will develop Montenegro according to the principles of sustainable development, believing that we should live in harmony with nature, not against it.

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