Accurate, objective and timely information is one of the key factors of a stable and prosperous democracy, and media freedom is its fundamental condition. Europe Now stands for the consistent application of domestic and international regulations that treat freedom of the press and the right to information, but also recognize the challenges of the unenviable economic and legal status of journalists, unsolved attacks on employees and property of media companies, the influence of political and other actors on the freedom of reporting, the absence of adequate regulation and pronounced polarization of the media. In this regard, we will work on the further professionalization of the Public Service, affirm the introduction of reduced service years for journalists and the tightening of penalties for attacking journalists, we will insist on respect for journalistic ethics and effective self-regulation, and we will enable the increase of resources within the state Fund for Media Pluralism, as well as the development of long-term solutions that will, in a concrete and efficient way, treat the mentioned challenges. We will encourage the controlling and corrective role of investigative journalism, free from any form of political and financial pressure. Europe Now will work dedicatedly to create an environment in which the media are truly independent and free, and at the same time professional and responsible, which is a reflection of the mature democratic society we are fighting for.

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