Appreciating the importance of the younger generations and understanding the complexity of the challenges they face, Europe Now will work dedicatedly to improve their status and affirm their need to improve their country and community with their abilities, knowledge and energy. One of the biggest problems of Montenegro is the departure of young people, who, in order to stay in the country, need to be provided with conditions for intellectual and professional development during and after schooling, as well as adequate conditions on the labor market. In this sense, we will advocate an increase in student loan amounts, more substantial scholarships for talented students, more adequate social resources available to young people, all with the aim of providing additional support to young people for faster independence. We will affirm guaranteed scholarships for students who enroll in prestigious world universities, in order to transfer the knowledge needed for the accelerated social development of the country. We see the social engagement of young people as particularly important, and we will advocate the improvement of platforms where young people will be able to discuss issues important to the community and communicate with elected representatives of citizens at the local and state level, such as the Youth Parliament project. In synergy with other policies, we will enable young people to achieve their cultural, social and scientific potential in their country and provide conditions for their professional and personal success. Europe Now will improve the transition of young people from the education system to the labor market with adequate incentive measures. Most importantly, Europe Now will advocate the construction of a meritocratic society, in which young people will build their way to success exclusively with their knowledge and work. Europe Now believes that it is necessary to develop affinities for sports from early childhood, but also to nurture them through all stages of life, professionally or recreationally. We are strongly advocating the popularization and democratization of sports, as well as greater allocations with the aim of building an accessible sports infrastructure and supporting talented young athletes.

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