Tourism, as the currently dominant economic branch in Montenegro, is crucial in achieving economic stability. Europe Now will advocate the natural beauty of Montenegro to be preserved, and the tourist offer to be more diverse and attractive. This implies the diversification of the tourism sector in the context of expanding the tourist offer, with the aim of additional temporal and geographical distribution of tourist activity. Eliminating the shortcomings of seasonal tourism and strengthening the competitiveness of the tourist product are priority areas of the Europe Now program goals. We will also advocate the implementation of measures that will give more adequate results to the unresolved problems that prevent the dynamic development of tourism in Montenegro, and which significantly affect the quality of the tourist offer. In this regard, we will work on the accelerated removal of the unsatisfactory state of infrastructure related to: traffic availability, water supply, quality of maintenance and improvement of the electricity network, etc., as well as waste separation and disposal. Montenegro must become a globally recognizable tourist destination, which we will work on with dedication in cooperation with the tourism industry, whose more active role in the promotion of Montenegro we will advocate. We will work on adequate measures in order to reduce the “gray” economy in all segments of tourism, improve the reliability and timeliness of statistical data in tourism, and additionally focus on the education of personnel in tourism. We will review previous investments that did not meet contractual obligations and expectations, and strongly support the investments of credible investors in the improvement of tourist capacities and offers.

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