In the time of accelerated technological development and instant exchange of information, modern science is not only a basic factor in the development of a society, but also an unavoidable component in the process of making public decisions. Europe Now therefore stands for the strengthening of scientific activity through the principles of autonomy and internationalization, with the allocation of the necessary financial resources. The autonomy of science implies the independence of scientific research, freed from ideological, political, as well as financial pressures. In this sense, Europe Now will affirm a better social position of scientific researchers, improve their economic status and encourage investment in scientific research infrastructure. The Europe Now Movement will therefore advocate that the minimum investment threshold in science, research and innovation in the near future reaches the recommendations of the European Union. Europe Now will also lead an intensive dialogue with the economy and initiate adequate legal solutions, in order to encourage domestic entrepreneurs to allocate a part of their income for financing scientific projects, scholarships and training, thereby encouraging the long-forgotten culture of endowment and donation. Europe Now will pay special attention to creating the conditions for our scientific community to be further internationalized and science in Montenegro to be further popularized. This will be possible through attracting foreign researchers, better connections with the scientific diaspora and encouraging internationally recognized scientific research activities, especially in the domain of publishing activities and scientific research infrastructure, such as the development of the Montenegro Institute of Technology project. Europe Now will also affirm the establishment of international agreements with eminent scientific centers all around the world, so that our researchers can have the opportunity to gain invaluable experience, which they will later use upon returning to our country.

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