Europe Now will work on the development of “Smart Cities” in which traditional services are more efficient with the use of digital technologies improving the quality of life of citizens and the functioning and development of the economy. Therefore, smart cities are also “green” because they enable better use of resources and lower carbon dioxide emissions. The Europe Now Movement stands for the application of European experiences and knowledge in this area as soon as possible. This includes a smart transport network, public transport and parking, as well as more efficient ways of lighting (such as smart public lighting), more efficient water supply and waste disposal and management systems. It also means a more interactive, responsible and efficient city administration and safer public spaces, adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities and the elderly population. Developed villages, as the best places for the meeting of man and nature, are of key importance for the agricultural as well as the overall economic and social sustainability of the country. We will advocate a dynamic agricultural sector capable of reducing Montenegro’s dependence on food imports. Widespread transport and digital infrastructure, which quickly and efficiently connects our villages with towns, or food producers and providers of rural tourism with the market, is the foundation of rural development; that is why we will make the greatest efforts for Montenegro to take a big step forward in this area; by renewing the existing and building a new infrastructural road and digital network, thus saving the Montenegrin village from oblivion, but at the same time, in terms of development, bringing it closer to European villages. Better infrastructural and economic integration of rural areas, with an additional focus on the developed system of guaranteed purchase of agricultural products, provides space for revitalization of villages, creation of rural employment, youth staying in villages, but also the return of people from towns to villages. That is why we will advocate greater investments in rural health and education, in terms of their availability and quality. We will make an effort to work with international contacts on promoting Montenegrin villages as a desirable destination for both investment and tourism development.

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