Europe Now advocates a fair relationship between the state and the individual and, in this sense, affirms the constitutional designation of Montenegro as a state of social justice, promoting a society that protects the most vulnerable and provides adequate support to those who need it. We will firmly support and further improve positive measures from the social policy domain, such as the right to child allowance, free textbooks, social vouchers to help individuals and families in a state of social need, financial allowance for newborns, additional financial support for exercising the right to assisted reproductive technology, etc. Aware that the Europe Now program has only begun to improve the living standard of citizens, we will advocate the implementation of its natural continuations (Europe Now 2, etc.). On this path, we will aim for the average salary in Montenegro to soon be 1,000 euros, and for Montenegro to surpass the European average salary and increase the minimum salary in the medium term. We will pay special attention to the welfare of pensioners, among other things, through a significant increase in the minimum pension, to the amount of 450 euros. We will also advocate the further alignment of all pensions with the real cost of living, as well as for the expansion of social protection for our oldest population. By continuing good and developing new programs, we will work hard to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor and make a strong contribution to the social stability of Montenegro. In this regard, we will implement more advanced policies of active employment on the labor market, which, along with the strong growth of the economy, will lead to a significant reduction in the number of unemployed, to the level of almost 0% – so that everyone who wants to work will be able to find a job in Montenegro. At the same time, we will advocate the improvement of workers’ rights, guided by the principle that sustainable economic development comes from the synergy of decision-making within the tripartite social dialogue. The Europe Now Movement will also advocate the increase of the scope of foster care and alternative care; we will work on opening a service for housing and accepting victims of violence; we will enable the opening of shelters for the homeless and day care centers for the elderly; we will provide better accessibility of all levels of health care, we will increase efforts to integrate the RE population into society, and we will pay special attention to the complete updating of the social card system and the establishment of an alimony fund.

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